More About Mallorca

The Spanish isle of Mallorca is known by everyone (even by those who haven’t visited it yet), and is mostly associated with sandy beaches and the excellent, crystal clear, blue water of the Mediterranean Sea. Every year, it is visited by crowds of tourists who wish to use its attractions.

Palma de Mallorca

However, it is worth knowing that the island has a lot more to offer, as otherwise it would not be different from all the other islands, being very common at this latitude and offering a rest in a similar style. Mallorca has a certain something, which is supported by the fact that according to many people it is a synonym of luxurious holidays and a perfect leisure, ans well as the fact that so many people choose it for holiday and even more dream of it. Why is Mallorca worth visiting?

Well developed tourist facilities

In this respect, Mallorca keeps up with other resorts, but you should know that it is one of the oldest ones. When some islands were slowly starting to be discovered by tourists and developed with facilities to be ready to host more guests, Mallorca was already a popular and appreciated resort. Today it is still a prestigious tourist destination, even though these days you can get almost everywhere. It also remains fashionable, and one of its great qualities, which attracts lots of tourists every year, is the fact that they are warmly welcomed and spend their time in comfortable conditions. Many residents earn their living from tourism. There are many apartaments and luxury villas for rent in Mallroca. Of course, it not only involves managing accommodation facilities, which are a lot in Mallorca, but also areas such as handicraft, which is very popular among the visitors due to its unique beauty and character. This is also a factor that makes the locals friendly to the tourists, and anyone who travels around the world knows that it is not always the case. The locals do not stint on the warm sea and the sun, keenly share what they have, also when it comes to the delicious local meals. But above all, on such a big island as Mallorca you can find the whole range of accommodation facilities with various standards and prices. Due to this, Mallorca can be visited by virtually anyone, also be people with lower budgets. In Mallorca, you can rest both surrounded by other people or alone. If you need peace and quiet and at the same time expect luxurious conditions, you will certainly find them.

Attractions of Mallorca

All the tourists agree that the greatest attraction of Mallorca is the Spanish sun and sea, but when visiting that wonderful island, you can also count on other attractions. The island is dominated by fertile soils, so the visitors can see unforgettable landscapes such as olive groves, blooming fields of aromatic almond or citrus trees. The island also delights with culinary experiences. The Spanish cuisine is undoubtedly excellent, but it tastes best when prepared from fresh ingredients that were just collected from the field. In Mallorca, you should try the famous Spanish olives, which have just been taken from the trees, fresh citrus fruit, strawberries or seafood being as fresh as possible. Only then can you fully appreciate their taste and aroma. Once you have rested and built up your strength, you should see the monuments. A beautiful place is also Palma, the island's capital, which delights with its historic and climatic buildings and the beautiful port. There you can find many cosy cafés, beautiful tenements at which you will keep looking, and you can breathe with the exceptional atmosphere of the place, admiring the cathedral and the impressive palace. When in Mallorca, you cannot omit the small but famous town of Valldemossa, which embraces the whole charm of Mallorca and Spain in general. The tenements, streets (narrow, as expected from a Mediterranean town), old buildings delighting with their refined beauty, and the streams of flowers – all these are the reasons that act as a magnet, being no less attractive than the great view from the town located on a hill. You must see it, just as the majestic mountains and numerous rock caves. Mallorca is also a paradise for water sport lovers – probably nowhere else can you find such good conditions or well developed facilities (different types of training schools or equipment rental companies).

A great climate for holidays at any time of the year

In Mallorca, the season lasts from April till November, but any time of the year is good to visit that fantastic place. During these months, you can count on everything that is most important in Mallorca: the hot south European sun that will gild your skin, and the clear and warm sea; but there is also a lot to offer off the season. The gentle climate is favourable for any type of leisure, active or passive. At any time of the year Mallorca can delight you with its diverse nature and is always vibrant with life. However, if you expect peace and quiet, you don’t have to visit Mallorca during the low season – you can just choose a secluded place of accommodation located far from the crowds of tourists and busy resorts.


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