Souvenirs from Mallorca

What to bring from Mallorca? This is probable the question asked by everyone who plans a trip. Of course, the greatest souvenirs are memories and photos, but you should also bring some tangible “gadgets” that will also please your friends.


Where to buy souvenirs?

Souvenirs are available virtually everywhere. The street stands are actually bending under their load. There are also many shops, sometimes adjacent to each other. Some of them are located close to our Mallrocan luxury villa. You should visit a few of them before purchasing – prices may differ significantly and you probably don’t want to overpay.


Magnets are the most popular souvenirs. They can have various shapes,inscriptions and colours. Their undoubted advantage is the price – normally it's only EUR 1 apiece. When buying large quantities, you can always get a discount. Magnets are probably the best gifts for the closest friends and relatives.


Mallorca is famous for exquisite wines. The best ones come from the wineries located in Porres or Manacor. You should also draw your attention to the liqueurs, such as Tunel de Mallorca. It is distinguished by the green colour and a perceptible taste of mint and anise. Few people know that in Mallorca they also produce... gin! Ginebra de Mahón is reportedly the best one.


Women will be delighted with the jewellery offered in Mallorca. You can buy cheap bracelets or necklaces as well as very beautiful jewellery supplemented by artificial pearls.


When buying souvenirs, you will also notice the figurines made of wood, ceramics or clay. Siurell (the figurines characteristic of Mallorca) usually represent animals or people in animal masks.

Handicraft products

Handicraft products deserve special attention. The things made by the local residents are certainly more expensive, but also unique and of top quality. So what should you bring? Which of them will be perfect souvenir from vacation in luxury villa in Mallorca?


Products made of clay are very popular. They can be fantastic jugs, vessels, bells or figurines. Before buying, you should think if you can safely bring them home. 


Ceramic products are also worth your attention. Beautiful plates, platters or cups are only a part of the tableware that will surely delight you.


In the souvenir shops, you will certainly notice postcards, towels with the map of Mallorca, mascots or T-shirts. You shouldn’t ignore the delicious cheese or cured meat.


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