When to visit Mallorca?

The largest of the Balearic Islands features a typical Mediterranean climate. Normally, the summers are hot and winters are not extremely cold. The hottest month is usually August, while the coldest one is February. The climate in Mallorca is not as predictable and stable as it used to be. Recently it became warmer and one of the hottest months in the recent years was August 2005, when the temperature exceeded 35°C.


Spring and autumn are especially beautiful in Mallorca. Those times of the year are sometimes called “the golden seasons”. The autumn, in September and October, usually brings beautiful periods with temperatures above 20°C, but it may also by chilly. Those are perfect seasons for renting a house in Mallorca.

Interesting are also the cool months from the end of January, as is it then when the almond trees start blooming, giving a unique charm to the whole isle. From then, Mallorca becomes green and remains so until the beginning of the summer. We can also mention March, when many fruit trees get covered with flowers. Summers are usually not so good when it comes to greenery. From May, the temperature gets considerably higher. In the dry periods of July and August, plants normally wither. In the autumn, the weather becomes more humid and the vegetation revives. Due to the increasing precipitation and constantly high temperatures, the autumn can be very muggy.

Summers are usually hot and dry, and the centre of the isle can be very hot with temperatures exceeding 30°C. At that time, there is not much left of the blooming landscape. This is the time when it’s best to go to the beach. The peak of the tourist season falls in the very hot July and August.

Naturally, the water temperature keeps up with the air temperature – in May/June it is around 20°C and in August/September it is at its peak of approx. 24°C.


Generally, from October we deal with a sort of a rainy season. Its first symptoms are the rainfalls occurring in early autumn. October is usually the rainiest month in Mallorca. In that period, floods may also occur. Starting from November, the temperatures drop relatively fast. From October till January, the west coast receives quite a lot of rain, in Palma that season usually lasts from October to December.

Normally the winters are not very severe or snowy. Generally, we are talking about a moderate and humid season. Temperatures oscillate around 10°C. However, also at that time we should consider the recent climatic change. For instance, in Tramuntana mountains you can always see snow. And after the events of the winter in 2009/2010, we can expect snow at the entire isle.

Best time to travel to Mallorca

The optimum time to travel to Mallorca mostly depends on your individual preference. If you want to devote that time for lying on the beach, we can always recommend the summer for renting a house in Mallroca, from May till September.

The isle is famous for its astonishing landscapes, mainly in spring and autumn. At that time, it is usually very nice and not too hot, however it might be quite chilly sometimes. That season is perfect for the lovers of nature and hiking.

Winter in Mallorca is rather calm. It used to be a paradise for people coming for long holidays. But recently they must expect stormy, cool and snowy periods. Anyway, Mallorca can still be a good alternative to the winters in our part of Europe. You should just observe the current weather forecasts.   


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