Why is it worth renting a villa on Mallorca?

Mallorca is visited by a vast number of tourists and attracts them from all over the world, also outside the tourist season which takes place from April to November. It is worth joining them and see all charms of the wonderful island. However, it is not without a reason that the island remains one of the most popular tourist sites. This is why it is worth considering a luxurious holiday and rent a villa on Mallorca: only for yourselves and your travelling companions.

Villa in Mallorca

Crowds on island: not always welcome

Mallorca, one of the best resorts worldwide, has always been a tourist attraction. People come to the Spanish island for various reasons: to rest, to get a beautiful suntan under the hot sun of Spain, to practice water sports and to party. Mallorca is famous for loud parties and numerous clubs and according to many, it is the best holiday place to unwind. Combined with swarms of tourists, it becomes undesirable for those who primarily seek for peace and blissful relaxation on Mallorca. Therefore, if one minds crowded beaches where it is difficult to relax, noisy crowds and omnipresent chaos, it is time to find a peaceful asylum in a rented villa. This option will release all the best that Mallorca offers, enriched by whatever cannot be found on the island: peace, privacy and intimate isolation.

Luxurious accommodation priced reasonably

Luxury has its price and although a holiday on Mallorca can be bought at a good price, using a unique opportunity, it is unlikely that luxurious standard is offered inexpensively. Beautiful hotels tempt tourists by offering fantastic housing conditions, high standards and numerous amenities, but reality often turns out different when they arrive. Besides, even if all the promises have been kept and the accommodation is splendid, crowds and noise can rub up the wrong way. It is difficult to rest that way. One may choose to stay in a hotel with a private beach, but it is already expensive and privacy may still be difficult to achieve. On the other hand, renting a house on Mallorca allows us to enjoy silence and seclusion, to take delight in the whisper of waves and palm leaves. It allows us to have a swimming pool only for ourselves, unlike in hotels, where taking a swim is out of question because of all-present crowds. Furthermore, a villa offers a number of amenities and truly luxurious conditions that would be paid extra in hotels. All of the conveniences can be reserved just for yourself, without the necessity of sharing them with others, which makes renting a villa a fantastic way to arrange a genuinely luxurious holiday and true leisure.

Coast in Mallorca

To explorers of local attractions

It is difficult to enjoy the uniqueness of the place while one stays in a giant hotel. Some even decide not to leave the premises, with regard, for example, to the necessity of participating in prepaid meals, which can be a nuisance. Renting a luxury villa in Mallorca allows us to feel the atmosphere of that fantastic place by feeling like one of its inhabitants. It is priceless to feel the total freedom of doing whatever one feels like. Those who chose the option may rest in the shade when they get tired of the hot Spanish sun, or sunbathe as they wish, without the unpleasant feeling of being watched by others. Is it better to swim in the sea, or in the swimming pool overlooking the sea? It is up to the lessee to decide.

A villa can be a comfortable base for people who do not only wish to rest, but also sightsee the place. There are plenty of sites to visit as Mallorca abounds in historical heritage, interesting museums holding masterpieces of fine art and genuine architectural pearls. After a tiring day of exploration you can sit on the terrace with a glass of chilled wine and look at the sea, enjoying the silence that no other place on Mallorca can offer. A bath in the pool heated at your request or in the sea without the accompanying crowd of noisy crowds can be a relaxing alternative.

It is not insignificant to consider the renting of a villa just for yourself as it offers more freedom and allows you to spend your time exactly the way you want. Preparing meals on your own gives you the possibility of getting acquainted with the wonderful Spanish cuisine with regional delicacies of Mallorca that can be bought inexpensively. Hotel menus do not always offer fresh seafood, delicious strawberries or olives freshly picked from the tree. You can experience all charms of Mallorca, be free to do whatever you wish and enjoy total independence – and this is ultimately what holiday is for.


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